November 24, 2023

Aaron Rodgers won’t always be a Packer. The memories, however, will endure a lifetime. Over the course of his 18 years with the Green Bay Packers, Rodgers has developed a number of personal friendships. David Bakhtiari, an offensive tackle, has been one of them. Over time, the friendship between the 2013 draft selection and his quarterback became stronger, and they eventually developed into best friends. A perilous brush with A-Rod in the shower, though, could have caused the young Bakhtiari great harm. During a recent podcast interview on “Bussin With The Boys,” 31-year-old David Bakhtiari described the event that occurred in the changing room during his first season. Two years after winning the Lombardi, he attempted to take a shower with MVP of Super Bowl XLV Aaron Rodgers.

Aaron Rodgers’s encounter in the shower with David Bakhtiari
Aaron Rodgers is a guy of mystery, that much is obvious. Naturally, Rodgers is not the type of quarterback to take a shower in public. He was defined by Bakhtiari as the one who constantly chooses a corner. Bakhtiari, however, was unaware of Rodgers’ propensities for certain behaviors. When David was prodded to take a shower next to No. 12, he encountered a clear impediment.
Warning: contains spoilers. Aaron Rodgers answered. “I grab the shower knob,” you say. I switch the device on. He quickly slackens it. He then turned to face me. Do you want to share the same showerhead, I asked? Get away from me, he said. He had only known me for a week or so. The synergy just wasn’t there, Bakhtiari remarked.

Aaron Rodgers – USA Today via Reuters

The couple’s relationship has since, however, seen better times. Despite Rodgers’ continued adamant opposition to taking a shower, Bakhtiari immediately understood where his quarterback had a sensitive spot. Golf. Famously, Bakhtiari gave a golf cart made by Aston Martin to a passerby. And it’s safe to conclude that Aaron lacked the courage to decline.
Bakhtiari defended his quarterback when Jimmy Kimmel ridiculed A-Rod.

David Bakhtiari, a pass protection expert, didn’t stand by as Aaron Rodgers’ remarks about “UFO and Jeffrey Epstein” were made fun of on the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show. Regarding A-Rod’s claims that an Epstein client list was ready to be disclosed, Kimmel quipped in his speech, “Might be time to revisit that concussion protocol.”

Bakhtiari punched back at Kimmel, saying, “Tell me you’re on the Jeffrey Epstein client list, without telling me you’re on the Jeffrey Epstein client list.” Nothing out of the ordinary for David, who is just as fierce off the field. Sadly, the pair’s time together is winding down as the Packers enter the Jordan Love Era and Rodgers considers a probable departure to the AFC to play for the New York Jets.

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