November 24, 2023

Will the Chargers give it their best to defeat their divisional foes? With the help of the NFL draft, the Los Angeles Chargers accomplished a fantastic job at reorganizing their team. They evaluated several of their requirements with excellent possibilities while also becoming younger.

Expert Believes Chargers’ Draft Mentality Was Geared to Take Down Kansas City

The majority of Los Angeles’ seven draft selections will have an instant influence on the squad and be heavily utilized to ultimately win the AFC West. As it has been for the last ten seasons, winning the AFC West will be difficult, but the Chargers have assembled a team that is equipped to destroy the opposition in their division. Charles Goldman, an NFL specialist, said that the Los Angeles Rams’ draft strategy was intended to destroy the Kansas City Chiefs.

It appears that the Chargers are betting that they can out-arm the Chiefs this season. A top-3 receiving trio consisting of Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, and Quentin Johnston could be very dominant. If they can use Derius Davis’ punt return skills to steal some points on special teams, he may be a wonderful addition. With this draft class, it appears as though TCU players are being highly regarded. To increase the depth of the Los Angeles defense, I prefer the trio of Tuipulotu, Henley, and Matlock.

For their 2023 NFL Draft choices, the Bolts received a B- from the touchdown wire.

If there is one thing that is certain, it is that the Bolts have not and will not construct their squad with the primary purpose of defeating the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes. The Chiefs have controlled the division for the last eight seasons, and there are no indications that they will relinquish it any time soon.

Following a Super Bowl victory, Kansas City has everything the Chargers are aiming for. It’s true that the Chargers want to win the division, but it can’t be their primary goal. They may have to beat several more outstanding teams in their league come January.

Tom Telesco, general manager of the Chargers, has stated that his team’s goal is to always improve, not to outperform opponents in their division. The Bolts still have other options except the Chiefs, who are the team to beat.

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