November 24, 2023

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James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy isn’t your typical movie franchise; it frequently requires a holiday special to further its stories in any kind of significant way. This weekend, the sci-fi trilogy’s third installment, Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3, will conclude the tale of Peter Quill, Rocket, Gamora, Drax, and Groot. As a result, fans are aware that they should see Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame first before watching Guardians 3. The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special is equally as significant as those previous films, despite what some people might not recognize.

You might want to review a bit before seeing Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3 if you ignored the Holiday Special because you didn’t believe it would important for the remainder of the tale or because you’re simply not that into the holidays. The Guardians Holiday Special is not just a charming little holiday comedy starring Kevin Bacon, but it also makes some significant connections and revelations that will be crucial for the finished film. If you can’t make it to the Disney+ event, we’ll try to keep you informed here.

The Galaxy’s Guardians On Knowhere, the city/planet made from the head of a deceased celestial that formerly housed the Collector’s Museum, the Holiday Special is set. The Guardians have assumed control of Knowhere, making it a secure location for visitors and a base of operations for their exploits, as we discover at the beginning of the show. Along with Knowhere, Cosmo the telepathic Russian dog who eluded the Collector in the first Guardians film also arrived. In the Holiday Special, Cosmo was made known as a genuine person, and she has since developed into a significant member of the team.

The holiday special and Thor: Love and Thunder (clearly not a must viewing for the Guardians of the Galaxy plot) both had Peter still grieving over the vanished alternative Gamora. However, his sorrow over Gamora serves as the catalyst for the special’s major revelation, one that is essential to comprehending the Guardians going into Vol. 3.

Mantis wants to make Peter smile for Christmas since she recognizes his sadness. Although they have a close friendship, the fact that they are actually siblings explains why she cares so much about him. In the special, Mantis informs Peter that she, too, was an Ego kid, making their biological fathers the same. It is apparent that the revelation will significantly alter their dynamic going ahead.

The only other thing from the holiday special that you could have missed is that Groot is suddenly wealthy. It shouldn’t be that shocking that he has matured since we last saw him because he has been different in each of the films.

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